Film & TV




Estella Ruston heads BRB’s lively boutique voice division, with a strong focus on animation voicing (kids and adults) and television and radio commercial voice work.

The Team

Linda Butler
Partner and head of the film and television division. In charge of film and television for the Kids Roster and oversees a personal roster of adults.

Estella Ruston
Partner and head of the agency-wide commercial department and our boutique voice division.

Sam Woodruff
Senior agent and head of the theatre division as well as managing a film and television roster of adults.

Anne Harding
Agent working with Linda Butler in the film and televison division.

Mark Preston & Sara Sorochan-Ruland
co-assist Estella Ruston.

Michael Young
Agency bookkeeper, in charge of Performers' Payroll.

Where Are We Now?

Linda and Estella searched for just the right new home for their agency and were thrilled to land on Logan Avenue in the heart of the vibrant industry 'hood of Leslieville. Shaftesbury is on the other side of the wall, Cinespace is around the corner, while Tattoo and Mann Casting are just up the street; the list of friends and associates just goes on…

But this isn't just another office, it's our corporate home and embodies our corporate spirit: It's a creative environment, a little quirky, a lot LOUD, a place of hard work and passion -- it's US !

Where are we now? We're home

“Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.”

– Uta Hagen


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